The Flawed Economics of Free Water

Over the past few months, ever since the heady fragrance of the Delhi elections starting wafting in the winter air, the buzz was that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) would sweep back to power. For many, the positive opinions seemed to converge into two tangible gains – free water, and free electricity. Now, freebie politics … Read more

The City of Bhoy

Between April and May 2011, Bengal stood on the threshold of some great hope. After more than three decades of red tumult, there emerged a leader from within it who promised the people some fantastic times ahead. Change. That is what she had as her one-point electoral agenda. There were the naysayers back then as … Read more

Anna Hazard

While I was trying to post something to Twitter the other day, my phone autocorrected Anna Hazare to Anna Hazard. Well, damn you HTC – what would you know of the sentiments of a billion Indians and particularly of a certain Arnab Goswami who orgasms on News Hour just by insinuating how the sea of … Read more