In 2016, I attended an Introduction to Buddhism course at Tushita. The nun who was in charge of our course check-in joked that the rains in the mountains offered a great lesson on impermanence. I was reminded of that when I saw some tourists looking worriedly at the first few drops of rain as they came … Read more


McLeodganj looked familiar even at half past five in the morning, before dawn broke. The narrow streets that would be bustling during the day were empty at that hour but yet, inviting. The taxi drivers were inviting as well – whether to help find a hotel room, or to drop off at the hotel already … Read more

When India’s History Stopped

In 1947, when the British were ready for the formal transfer of power, the Indian leaders-in-waiting could not bear the delay till January 26 as a section of freedom seekers would have wanted. The date was then decided as August 15 to mark the second anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the Allied Forces during the World War 2.

FDI in Retailing in India – Supply Chain

Last week, perhaps spurred by a series of raps on the knuckles by the western media (TIME, Washington Post), the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh decided to sit up and act. As a result, among other sectors, FDI in retail was opened up to the tune of 51% for multi-brand retail. Retail is … Read more

Just What are the Petrol Prices Smoking?

The lovely @Shradzie tweeted other day: “I want to smoke what the petrol prices are smoking.” The promising thought resonated with a lot of people, me included. The state-owned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) had just announced the single largest hike in history – Rs. 7.50 per litre of petrol – some major high that. Understandably, … Read more

The City of Bhoy

Between April and May 2011, Bengal stood on the threshold of some great hope. After more than three decades of red tumult, there emerged a leader from within it who promised the people some fantastic times ahead. Change. That is what she had as her one-point electoral agenda. There were the naysayers back then as … Read more

Indigo – Flying International

Another classic from W+K for Indigo! The theme of describing Indigo’s machine-like efficiency continues from their 2010 commercial; not to forget, another brilliant jingle! Indigo is the not just only airline in India that has been reporting profits, it also is perhaps the best run among all of the Indian carriers. Having completed five years … Read more

The (Forgotten) HP Way

Not too long after HP launched its tablet – HP TouchPad and its featherweight smartphone named Veer, came the shocking withdrawal of HP from the mobile computing space – HP TouchPad was a one-off act, and so was Veer. HP was officially conceding defeat to Apple. The bad news just didn’t end there – HP … Read more

Hitler Reacts to Friday

This clip from the epic war film – Downfall – on the life of the much-reviled German dictator has been a much-preferred spoofing subject. Hitler, in the virtual world of memes, has reacted to the banning of his XBOX account, Twitter downtime, Kanye West’s interruption at MTV Video Music Awards 2009, and even to the … Read more